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Bankfoot Inn, a Haunted Hotel in Perthshire

Paranormal Activity | Bankfoot Inn Perthshire, Scotland

Haunted Hotel

Image credit: Copyright VisitScotland / Jacub Iwanicki, all rights reserved

Built in the time of the Jacobites, this old hotel has been here a long time.


Haunted Hotel | Bankfoot Inn Perthshire, Scotland
Is the Bankfoot Inn haunted?

The Bankfoot Inn is an old place. Built in the late 1700's at the time of the Jacobites, it has seen over 250 years of service as an inn for people travelling through the area. Many have said the place is haunted...indeed, given its long history, how could it not be haunted!

Paranormal Investigations at the Bankfoot Inn

Sightings of ghosts have happened...there's been the "old woman" and then there was the "little girl". Also, there's been whispering voices too in the laundry. Others have reported objects getting knocked over and of taps turning themselves on. Then, there's the other one, the one we call "the thing", but we don't talk about it much.

Most guests are unaware, and enjoy their stay without anything ever happening, but some pick up on the presence of others. Nothing scary has ever happened (well, ask me about that one later). Given all these wee stories, we have come to realise that we share the great old building with generations of past guests.

In the days of the coachmen, the stables at the inn were used to store not just the horses, hearse coaches had to store their coffins overnight. Our stables are still in use today by the living, but it's a cold place.

Over the years, we've heard many hotel guests telling us of their ghostly experiences here during their stay. We noticed a pattern to these stories and it became apparent that certain areas of the hotel had their own paranormal activity.

Given all this, we invited the Scottish Paranormal Investigations team to investigate. Their initial findings revealed that the hotel is indeed haunted. In their words, it's "off the scale". The investigators were able to detect ghosts in many areas of the hotel, and in some cases, they were able to make contact. From this, the investigators were able to discover the names of some of our "guests" - so now we have "Ann", who wears an early Victorian white dress, "Thomas" and "Albert").

Maybe you'll have an experience, maybe not. Who knows.

News Article: (Evening Telegraph): "Ghostly goings-on at Perthshire pub probed".

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